Fleet of vehicles

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Fleet of vehicles

We have a rolling stock of different sizes and tonnage at our disposal. We customize the bodywork type of a vehicle (tarpaulin, curtain, isotherm, cooler) depending on your needs.

The sizes and tonnage of a rolling stock available is presented below:

Commercial vehicles – mini bus

Capacity (e palettes): up to 8 – 10 e palettes
Capacity (tones): 1,5 tones
Volume (mᶾ) 20 mᶾ

Trucks – solos

Capacity (e palettes): up to 19 e palettes
Capacity (tones): up to 6 tones
Volume (mᶾ) between 50 and 60 mᶾ

Tractor with semi-trailer and a tandem

Capacity (e palettes): 33 - 38 e palettes
Capacity (tones): 24 tones
Volume (mᶾ) up to 120 mᶾ